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    We both seek continuous inspiration and optimization, with as result the creation of our images.

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    The Netherlands

Planet Energy Drink

Planet Energy Drink is a ‘Made in Holland’ taurine-based Energy Drink, focussed on providing its customers with the benefits of a ‘B-brand’, while having the aspirations of an ‘A-brand’. Taking advantage of its close connection with the bottler and the creativity of its founders, Planet Energy has been able to become a reputable, recognizable brand in a wide array of countries.


“Made in Holland”

Planet Energy is 100% ‘Made in Holland’. Holland has a strong standing reputation in Energy. As a matter of fac, Energy, in the form of a windmill, is what Holland is most famous for. Where Windmills have the purpose of providing machines with Energy, Planet Energy provides Energy to people’s body and mind.

Planet Energy will clearly emphasize its connection with Holland, if it only was because of Planet Energy’s inherit color Orange. Soccer, Dutch DJ’s, but also the obvious Windmills, Tulips and Wooden Shoes could be part of the message, all with the sole purpose of creating an ‘A-Brand’ image.

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