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What we are about to share with you is a collection of tattoos shared in 2014 that have gotten the most ATTENTION, HYPE, and have become VIRAL SENSATIONS on social media!

The tattoos represent a multitude of styles, including portraits, traditional, black and grey, Japanese, and many others. They don’t always stick to foundations of old school tattooing, but some of these are definitely jaw-dropping. Enjoy! And let’s get this article to go viral too!!!

Marco Galdo

Nikko Hurtado

Jesse Rix


Sasha Unisex

Kyle Cotterman

Carlos Torres


John Anderton

Alina Fokina


Paul Scarrott

Vince Villalvazo Art

Tom Bartley


Lippo Tattoo


Tim Hendricks

Niki Nordberg

Bron: tattoodo.com

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