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World Wide Tattoo Conference Venice 2014

Yes! Booking confirmation! Nat-Art Tattoo will be there!! At the 5th edition of the Wold Wide Tattoo Conference in Venice in November


The project WWTC (WorldWideTattooConference) was conceived in 2011. The original idea was to get together different talented tattoists in an itinerant multicultural context who would travel around the world, stopping over in significant European and American spots to share and offer their expertise and personal views of their work to the global tattoo community.

I will get masterclasses, seminars and speeches from the world tattoo master teachers : Alex de Pase, Nikki Hurtado, Shige, Carlos Torres, Russ Abbot, Joe Capobianco and Jeff Gogue!

Also feauturing: fine art with Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo, a business seminar with Gabe Ripley, discussion pannels moderated by Durb Morrison and last but not least, joining via skype: Guy Aitchison.

It’s a great honour to be able to meet these teachers, and follow their masterclasses. I am looking forward to the Conference in Venice!

I would like to share some works of the masterteachers on the WWTC with you:

Alex de Pase

Alex De Pase is a tattoo artist born in in Grado, Italy. At 14, Alex was introduced to tattooing through a friend that learned the art in prison and start tattooing with a bic pen and home made needles. After more than 20 yeras he has become one of the Realistic movement’s known exponents with the intent to propagandize the idea of Art of Tattooing instead a simple practice. De Pase was included in the 2009 Dream Team Tattooing’s Best of the Best which showcased the outstanding tattoo artists of the year and in the 2011 the Magazine “Rebel Ink” included Alex in the 25 Most Wanted Tattoo Artist.

Alex De Pase is the organizer of the World Wide Tattoo Conference, the first traveling event focused on the diffusion of the tattoo techniques and philosophy to move the tattoo comunity to new levels. A member of the jury of The Chaudesaigues Award 2013 together with the amazing artists Shane O’Neill, Nikko Hurtado and Mike DeVries.

You can see more works from Alex de Pase on: www.alexdepasetattoo.com  | www.facebook.com/alexdepasetattoo

Nikki Hurtado

Nikko Hurtado was born in the San Fernado Valley in 1981. Son of a Mexican welder and a Hispanic homemaker, Nikko grew up in the high desert drawing cartoons and characters for fun.

His love for art transformed when at the age of 16 his longtime friend, Mike DeMasi, got a car. He and Mike then had the means and ways to take classes at the Art Center of Pasadena. Nikko took classes for several years but decided to give up on art to do construction.

In 2002, after 3 years of hard labor, Nikko stopped into Art Junkies Tattoo Studio in Hesperia to see how Mike was doing. Mike had been tattooing for a while and offered Nikko an apprenticeship. The only experience Nikko had with tattoos was the gang or prison tattoos he had seen on friends and family. He didn’t even have a tattoo himself. Regardless, the next day Nikko picked up a machine and started tattooing soon after.

“I had always wanted to art for a living and was soo happy that it happened so organically,” says Nikko “It was like tattooing chose me.”

After just a year of tattooing Nikko did a tattoo that would change his career forever – a Batman color portrait. This was his first color portrait that he ever attempted and when it was complete the client entered it into the Pomona Tattoo Portrait Contest and took home First Place.  It would be one of many awards he would collect over the years, but that portrait put him on the map. The image went viral in the tattoo community before there was even Facebook, Instagram, and social media. He was now known as the go-to artist for color portraits.

Nikko started being featured on numerous TV shows such as LA Ink, Tattoo Wars, Tori & Dean, and Spike TV’s Ink Master. His TV appearances drew attention from celebrities and allowed him to tattoo Musicians Drake, The Game, Fred Durst, Wes Borland, Brandon Boyd, Jose Pasillas, Wale, Andrew WK, and Cheryl Cole; Athletes Carlos Boozer and Chris Cole; Actors Guillermo Diaz and Jenna Jameson; and celebrities Jeffree Star, Jesse James, and Kat Von D.

Right in the middle of his career boom, Nikko started the Black Anchor Collective tattoo studio in 2009. “I noticed that many of my clients were flying in from all over the World to get tattooed,” he says “I want my clients to feel special and to know that I appreciate them. I just wanted to give them more of myself.”

And he did give more of himself by implementing the anchor as the centerpiece for the studio and his brand. The anchor is a very personal symbol for Nikko, not only does it pay homage to classic tattooing iconography, but it also represents friendship, family, and love. It reminds him to stay grounded and focused on what is important.

In 2013 Nikko hit an important milestone in his career with his first solo art show “Renati”. Working primarily in oils, Nikko debuted a series of paintings at the Corpro Gallery in Santa Monica, CA to acclaimed reviews. When he looks at everything it took to get to that point he realizes he wouldn’t be where he is now without the dedicated help of his wife Joanne, “Everything I have done was only possible because of her help.”

Today Nikko is extremely humbled by the love and support of his fans, friends, and family. He also now has a tattoo collection of his very own and continues to learn by only getting tattooed by people he can learn from. He spends his life dedicated to tattooing at Black Anchor Collective, travelling the World and spending time with his family.

Alex De Pase is the organizer of the World Wide Tattoo Conference, the first traveling event focused on the diffusion of the tattoo techniques and philosophy to move the tattoo comunity to new levels. A member of the jury of The Chaudesaigues Award 2013 together with the amazing artists Shane O’Neill, Nikko Hurtado and Mike DeVries.

You can see more works from Nikki Hurtado on: www.nikkihurtado.com  | www.facebook.com/nikkihurtadofanpage

Shige (Shigenori Iwasaki)

March 1970 Born in Hiroshima.
After being a mechanic of Harley‐Davidson in Yokohama, taught himself how to tattoo since 1995 and pursues original Japanese Style with traditional Japanese style underneath.


2001 – Attending many Tattoo Conventions all over the world

2003 – Set up a limited company “OUEN, Inc.”

2008 – Gave a lecture on his tattoo work and a demonstration of tattoo at Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

2009 – Published the art book “SHIGE” with a multitude of his tattoo photos by State of Grace Inc. (USA)

2010 – 12 tattooed people by Shige presented their tattoos in front of over 2,000 people at the opening party of “BASARA” produced and curated by Contemporary Japanese artist Hisashi Tenmyouya at Aoyama Spiral in Tokyo

2011 – Exhibit a painting at “Yuurei Garou – Haunted Gallery-Bizarre Ghosts from the Other Side” at Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo

You can see more works from Shige on: www.yellowblaze.net

Carlos Torres

Carlos has been tattooing for about 15 years. I remember the day he brought home his first machine and how excited he was. Mostly self taught, he worked at a couple of tattoo shops before he got his big break at So. Cal Tattoo in San Pedro CA. It was there he learned the most and started to perfect his tattoo portfolio. Specializing in Black & Gray realism, he loves doing all tattoos, color, portraits, etc.. He began painting about 7 years ago and has a deep passion for it, sometimes he doesn’t even want to hang out cause he wants to go home and paint. He has painted the poster/banner for the Ink-n-Iron Tattoo Festival in Long Beach CA for the past 4 years, and just painted the poster for the Denmark, Copenhagen Tattoo Convention.

Carlos works and owns Timeline Gallery in San Pedro CA. It is there where he is afforded the time to travel and do conventions worldwide. Carlos is a worldwide multi-award winner ranging from small black & gray to large black & gray to best backpiece etc,. He has been in numerous publications worldwide and is a really funny guy when you get to know him. He loves his family and we are VERY proud of his accomplishments.

You can see more works from Carlos Torres on: www.carlostorresart.com  | www.facebook.com/CarlosTorresArt

Russ Abbot

Russ Abbott is a Georgia native and has been tattooing since 1997. When he opened Ink & Dagger in 2007, he envisioned a studio that embodied sophistication and creativity in a down home atmosphere. Russ specializes in illustrative, ornamental, realistic, and geometric tattoo styles. In addition to tattooing full time, Russ travels the world teaching educational seminars to fellow tattooers.

You can see more works from Russ Abbot on: www.inkanddaggertattoo.com/artists/russabbott  | www.facebook.com/abbott.russ

Joe Capobianco

Joe Capobianco is a refined artist in the field of airbrushing and tattooing. For over 20 years Joe has utilized various techniques and mediums in order to create some of the most fascinating pinup style pieces, resembling those of the late 1950s with an added modern flair. Known as the “Capo Gal”, this style has directly correlated to his tattoo work, winning him numerous awards throughout prestigious tattooing events time and time again.

Joe opened Hope Gallery in New Haven, CT in 2003 and has since released 4 books, 2 full length DVDs, his own custom “Brickhouse” coil tattoo machine, the “Betty” rotary tattoo machine, a series of Easy Glow Tattoo Pigments, a limited edition vinyl toy, and countless prints and original works. Joe is also the head judge on Oxygen Networks hit TV show – BEST

You can see more works from Joe Capobianco on: www.joecapobianco.com  | www.facebook.com/JoeCapobiancoTattoos

Jeff Gogue

“I’m Jeff Gogue (pronounced go-gway). I did my first tattoo in August of 1999, and began tattooing full time August of 2000. Self taught, I’ve been influenced by people like Robert Hernandez, Nikko Hurtado, Shige, Bob Tyrrell, and Joe Capobianco. I’ve been somewhat mentored by Cory Norris of Classic Tattoo, Grass Valley, California, and Kevin Cox of Aces Tattoo, in Reno Nevada. I really want to strive for creative, dynamic, refined work. Not necessarily “photo-realistic” but detailed where needed, and loose where it’s appropriate.

I also love oil painting when I can, and have been doing so, off and on, for the last couple years. I am expressive by nature. I’m transparent, but multifaceted, revealing some contrasts and mysterious ways. You can’t see all of who I am from any one angle, so, in my quest for relevance, I am trying to expose as much as I can bare to. This stage in my life is fairly new, since I feel that up until the last year or two, I’ve only been striving for technical ability… just to be good at manipulating paint or ink or whatever, doesn’t send any message besides being disciplined and methodical.

I am ready to see what’s inside… though it leaves me vulnerable to disappointment, both in myself and in everyone else… I am still ready. I don’t think anyone lives completely honest. We all hide that which we are ashamed of. Desiring to minimize our faults and maximize our strengths.

I’m no different, but I’m willing to see how honest I can be. I’m sure it will take time, since all I know is just that.”

You can see more works from Jeff Gogue on: www.gogueart.com  | www.facebook.com/pages/Jeff-gogue-art


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